Neolith Sink Cut Outs

Neolith can be cut and drilled for various sink cutouts, including undermount, top mount, and integrated sink options. Neolith surfaces are strong and durable, making it ideal for sink cutouts, and its resistance to water and moisture makes it ideal for bathroom and kitchen sinks.

At Neolith Surfaces we have state-of-the-art CNC machinery that allows our stone masons to craft such cut outs.

Neolith Surfaces provide Neolith Cladding

Neolith Sink Cut Out Options

There are many types of sink cut out options to choose from. Ranging from polished 1 bowl, 1 and half bowl or even sloping and recessed draining areas. Our highly skilled stonemasons along with our CNC machinery we are able to craft the sink of your dreams!

Polished 1 Bowl
Sink Cut Out
Polished 1 ½ Bowl
Double Sink Cut Out
Unpolished Sink Cut Out
Sink Cut Out
Draining Grooves
Sink Cut Out with Draining Grooves
Recessed Drainer
Sink Cut Out With Recessed Drainer
Sloping Drainer
Sink Cut Out with Sloping Drainer


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