Neolith Advantages

Neolith is a sintered stone made from raw materials. This process represents an accelerated version of metamorphic change that occurs in natural stone. Neolith is an ultra-compact surface which features many advantages

The structure of Neolith Worktops and quality of the surfaces mean it can be installed as kitchen worktops, floor and wall tiles, external housing cladding and much more.

Neolith has other leading advantages over other worktops including Granite, Marble and Quartz. During its manufacturing stages, the slabs have been treated to ensure stain resistant technology, UV protection, water resistant, impact resistant and is heat resistant

Neolith Advantages

Neolith has a low water absorption


With virtually zero porosity, Neolith flooring has reduced water absorption, making it ideal for use in high moisture areas.

Neolith is UV resistant

Resistant to UV

Neolith is highly resistance to UV light, guaranteeing no fading or degradation over time.

Neolith is scratch resistant

Scratch Resistant

Neolith is a scratch resistant material.

Neolith is easy to clean

Easy Cleaning

Most marks on Neolith worktops  can typically be removed using standard cleaning products, reducing maintenance costs.

Neolith is stain resistant

Stain Resistant

Neolith is resistant to stains from various sources, ensuring easy removal without altering the surface finish.

Order Neolith samples

Order Neolith Samples

Take a closer look at Neolith by ordering samples, delivered right to your door.

Order Neolith Samples

* Although hot pots and appliances like crock pots can be placed directly on the surface with no worry of damage. We strongly advise using heat rods, heat pads, protectors, trays.