Neolith Bathroom Worktops


Achieve Complete Harmony: Body and Mind

When everything around you is in perfect balance, your body and mind can relax, embracing the wellbeing that such moments bring. Neolith bathroom countertops seamlessly integrate into the space, creating a unique world where only the present moment exists. With stunning design and exceptional features, Neolith countertops breathe life into every bathroom, infusing each space with its own vibrant personality.

Colors for Every Taste

Whether you prefer neutral or vibrant colors, natural or industrial-inspired designs, Neolith offers an extensive range of finishes and options to create the perfect bathroom countertop.

Neolith Surfaces provide Neolith Sinks and Neolith Vanity Tops

Design Crafted for Everyday Living

The bathroom sink is a central feature that adds character and strength to any home. Neolith bathroom sinks seamlessly blend design and functionality, effortlessly integrating into any space and infusing it with character and vibrancy. Paired with Neolith bathroom countertops, they create a sense of seamlessness, providing a perfect haven for relaxation and enjoyment.

Express Elegance in Many Ways

With a wide variety of finishes, Neolith allows you to choose the texture and ambiance you desire for your bathroom sink


Wrap Yourself in Sensations

Bathrooms are sanctuaries of relaxation and self-care. Neolith bathroom cladding offers the perfect balance for these special moments. Transform your bathroom into a harmonious retreat with colors that exude peace and serenity. Let your imagination guide you as you design a space that is uniquely yours. Whether you prefer light colors, a natural atmosphere, or even metallic cladding, Neolith surfaces provide breakthrough and functional solutions, making your dream bathroom a reality.

Neolith Surfaces provide Neolith Shower Trays and Neolith Shower Cladding

Unalterable Elegance with Neolith Cladding

With an infinite number of models and finishes, Neolith provides endless possibilities to turn your bathroom into the haven you've always envisioned, with a natural and sophisticated feel. Create stunning contrasts with the distinct veins of The Classtone models, from the golden veining of Himalaya Cristal to the elegant gray veins of Estatuario. Imagine your walls, furniture, and even shower walls in your new bathroom. With Neolith materials' versatility and various thicknesses, there are no limits to creating your dream space.

Choose materials that are resistant to moisture, hygiene products, and cleaning agents to maintain the impeccable appearance of your bathroom. Neolith's impermeability ensures it remains unaltered even when exposed to hygiene products. Additionally, it resists scratches, is easy to clean, and can be disinfected, ensuring your bathroom looks as pristine as the first day


Step into a World of Sensations

Transform your daily shower into a truly indulgent experience with a Neolith bathroom. Shower trays, featuring Neolith as a paneling surface, envelop you in a world of relaxation, allowing you to fully embrace the comfort and pleasure of the present moment. Block out the distractions and let your mind wander as you immerse yourself in the sensations of the here and now.

Neolith Bathroom Advantages

Neolith come in large format and with minimal joins, offering visual continuity and maximum durability. This makes them ideal for both interior and exterior floors, where they can be used to create a seamless and attractive look. Whether you're looking for a durable and attractive floor for your kitchen or a slip-resistant surface for your bathroom, Neolith tiles are the ultimate flooring solution.

Neolith has a low water absorption


With virtually zero porosity, Neolith flooring has reduced water absorption, making it ideal for use in high moisture areas.

Neolith is UV resistant

Resistant to UV

Neolith is highly resistance to UV light, guaranteeing no fading or degradation over time.

Neolith is scratch resistant

Scratch Resistant

Neolith is a scratch resistant material.

Neolith is easy to clean

Easy Cleaning

Most marks on Neolith worktops  can typically be removed using standard cleaning products, reducing maintenance costs.

Neolith is stain resistant

Stain Resistant

Neolith is resistant to stains from various sources, ensuring easy removal without altering the surface finish.

Order Neolith samples

Order Neolith Samples

Take a closer look at Marazzi by ordering samples, delivered right to your door.

Order Neolith Samples

* Although hot pots and appliances like crock pots can be placed directly on the surface with no worry of damage. We strongly advise using heat rods, heat pads, protectors, trays.